Tuesday, 12th March 2019

On this day all students and teachers meet in the Lithuanian school to be shown around the campus and to discuss the timetable for the week.
The students where able to see the various training workshops such as woodworking or carpeting.
Then from 13:30 the students where given 2 hours to work with the Programm Tinkercad to create their very own designs of a car. After this the schools 3D-printer was showcased to the students.
At 15:45 the visitors were given the opportunity to see how glass can be transformed into beautiful pieces of art at a local glassblower. Through a big window overlooking the workplace each and every step necessary to create clear and colourful Glass-Art was visible for the students.
In the Evening the Students had time to stroll through the town and to shop for souvenirs. The day was brought to an end with dinner in the hotel at 21:00.


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